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About Us

About_Us_ConstructionTim Wyatt, the founder of Tim Wyatt Construction, began his company in Crossville, TN, in 1994. As a recent college graduate from TTU at the time, Tim had gained much commercial experience over the previous years and even helped his dad construct over fifteen Cracker Barrels. Tim’s love for outdoors and enjoyment in translating building dreams into reality has enabled him to successfully start and run Tim Wyatt Construction.

Through continual growth and much construction experience, Tim has

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New Homes

The decision to build a new home takes focus and a strategic thought process. Many decisions are to be made such as how to finance, when to start, where to find fixtures, and much more. Our job is to help make your work easier.

Most new homebuilders need adequate direction concerning how to thoroughly plan during the building process. We will not only provide guidance, but we will help provide a smooth transition from beginning to end. We have much experience in constructing whole custom homes and will do what is necessary to

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Commercial Construction

With our many years of commercial experience, we are well able to adapt to any job that comes our way.  As a licensed full service and general contractor, Tim Wyatt knows how to turn customer goals into a working process. We work with our commercial customers in providing the best way to achieve the quality end product they desire.

We have done work in control rooms, which allows for the monitoring of a facility or service.  We also do any concrete work either outside or inside. We have done work for the Franklin Company in constructing fireproof rooms.

Brick laying is another important aspect of building and we are equipped with experience in this area. Sometimes new brick does not match up with the style of the older brick, but we are able to resolve this problem by finding the exact match. Don’t hesitate to contact us today concerning your

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Becoming a Crossville Home Builder was a natural progression after spending a good bit of time building commercial. Commercial construction is held to a higher standard and these same skills can be used to build houses that last longer with less problems. Also, this helped us to be ever more mindful of budget and waste to make sure our jobs are completed quickly and efficiently. Let our experience and skill go to work for you. We have a proven quality history that is up to date even with our most recent Fairfield glades developments. Building a home is a big investment and it should be a smart investment. Knowing were to spend money in construction and how to do it goes a long way in giving you a better home for your money.