About Us

Our Story

Tim Wyatt, the founder of Tim Wyatt Construction, began his company in Crossville, TN, in 1994. As a recent college graduate from TTU at the time, Tim had gained much commercial experience over the previous years and even helped his dad construct over fifteen Cracker Barrels. Tim’s love for outdoors and enjoyment in translating building dreams into reality has enabled him to successfully start and run Tim Wyatt Construction.

Where We Build

Fairfield Glade, TN

Tim Wyatt Construction is happy to be a Fairfield Glade TN Home Builder.  We have been involved in developing this area of the country for quite some time and are glad to do so.  This is an exciting part of the country to live.  Many people from the North and the far...
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Cumberland Cove, TN

We include Cumberland County in our building scope because of the growing attraction to the golf community and the resorts. We build many homes and buildings ranging from basic floor plans to elaborate and fancy homes all for the area of Cumberland Cove. The area is...
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Cookeville, TN

Our name has become well known throughout the Cookeville area. With its ever-changing temperatures and growing population, we have had many opportunities to build with our quality and expertise. Cookeville contains various museums, an array of restaurants, and many...
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Kingston, TN

Kingston is located in Roane County and is near the Tennessee River. Its surrounding cities are Oak Ridge and Knoxville and it is connected to Chattanooga by I-40. Kingston was originally known as Fort Southwest Pointe and eventually gained its current name due to a...
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Rockwood, TN

Rockwood is included in the Tennessee Micropolitan Statistical Area and is on the edge of the Cumberland Plateau. Watts Bar Lake makes up its southern boundary, which we have included as another area for potential construction work. In the past, the city was known for...
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Spring City, TN

Rhea County was named after John Rhea, a Tennessee Politician and Revolutionary War veteran. It is located southeast of Putnam County and is adjacent to Cumberland County and Roane County. We have had a few building projects in this area and are looking forward for...
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Crossville, TN

The city of Crossville is very important to Tim Wyatt Construction, as it is our base of operations. Crossville is located in the beautiful region of Middle Tennessee. Here we have built a strong reputation for high quality construction and home building for all types...
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Licensed Contractor

Tim can complete all types of projects, including homes, full home makeovers, and commercial buildings.


Tim has been building homes for all of his adult life, so rest assured that he has the knowledge and experience to build your dream home.

Continued Involvement

Tim makes it a priority to be involved throughout the entire construction process.

Our Frequent Build Locations

Cumberland Cove



Spring City



Fairfield Glade